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Welcome to Fantasy Lodge

Come to meet us in our villa overlooking the sea, to recover in natural surroundings amid of forests and waterfalls. The guest house guarantees a total immersion in Philippines, and contact with the welcoming local population. This haven of peace between beach and mountain will offer you an unforgettable stay.


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Outdoor Activities

Dolphin Watching

Embark on a Banka (Filipino traditional boat) and meet 11 different species of cetaceans in the Tanōn Strait of 24 present in the Philippines. You will generally come across a dozen of 30 to 100 dolphins. You can spend the rest of your time in a 7-kilometer Manjuyod white sand bar and picnic will be served inside the boat.

Sumilon Island Day Tour

This heavenly place offers you many activities : you will be able to do a small trekking around the island in the rainforest, swim on a white sand beach, snorkelling, enjoy kayaging on the lagoon or simply swim in the pool and Jacuzzi of Sumilon. Lunch will be served also on site.

Lambug beach

This beach is quite popular owing to its pristine white and fine sand and turquoise seawater. You can do any fun activities here or just rest , picnic is served on the beach.

Whale Sharks watching

Enjoy an unforgettable experience and swim with the largest fish in the world. The size of the specimens with which you can swim in Oslob can reach 8m long. Local fishermen feed the sharks, which gives you the opportunity to watch or swim with them very closely and make great memorable photo with them.

Tumalog Falls (optional activity combined with Whale sharks)

Enjoy this amazing place where the waterfalls is looking like a series of umbrellas hanging by the rock walls with effect of falling waters and swim inside the cold water . You can also enjoy a free foot fish spa at the smaller pool near the entrance.

Osmena Peak / Cambais Falls trekking & Demo Farm visit

To reach Osmena Peak, you will discover on the way (by car) amazing view and observe different kinds of vegetation and mountain life. A 20mns hike will be your first adrenaline rush to reach the top and see the panoramic view of the Tanon Strait, rest of Cebu Island, Negros and Bohol Island. In Cambais Falls, after 20mins trekking in jungle along river, you will discover a fresh and cool paradise with huge fresh pool surrounded by many waterfalls. Lunch is served in this place. Discover the organic demo farm on the way back that occupies a land area of 6000 square meters.

Salay Cave (optional activity in the trekking)

You will walk around 30mns to reach Salay Cave and discover a dark cave. Most of the stalactites and stalagmites are alive and well glowing in pitch darkness in the inner chamber of the cave. Enjoy this amazing activity only if you are in good health because it’s quite difficult to enter and walk inside the cave.

Twin Lakes Trekking

You will trek for 1 hour from Lake Balinsasayao to the Lake Danao and enjoy a bird watching. After this part, you will take a boat for 1 hour to arrive at fernery and learn about the history and how we cook ferns in the Philippines. Just after, you will visit Abaca farm for 2 hours where you will have some explanations about the culture and exploitation of finished products. You need to be in good health to do this activity and a lunch is served during the day in farmer’s restaurant.

Day tour to Balicasag Island or Apo Island

We can arrange you day tour to this two amazing islands including transportation, lunch and snacks. Departure from Tan Awan or Liloan .


Aguinid waterfalls

This 5-level waterfall is extremely a beautiful escapade to nature lovers. Water here is rich in Minerals and Calcium which transform roots into stones. It’s a kind of river trekking and going through the water, which gives you a whole lot new experience ever.

Dao Falls

Enjoy the 30 to 40 mins river trekking along the beautiful canyon and reach the highest Samboan falls with more than 30 meters high. It’s not commercially developed so you can see the most of nature everywhere. You must be in good health to reach this waterfall.

Kawasan Falls

After 25 mins walking ,you will come to the first 3 levels of the falls that have a total of 7 and discover different waterfalls (after 25mins walking). You can swim in natural pools of turquoise waters while enjoying the magnificent dense rainforest that surrounds the falls. Picnic is served on site.

Kawasan falls Canyoneering

You will need trek down the river from the 7th to the 1st level. Without much difficulty, you will descend the canyon with very cashed and turquoise water and make several jumps. The picnic is served on site after the canyoneering.

Hidden Falls

Enjoy this place where you can find nature as it’s best , you may go swimming and dive in the cold water. There are also hanging swings (made from the old truck tires and tied with big ropes) a best spot especially for kids.

Inambakan Falls

Enjoy swimming and have a jump in this beautiful, cold water and good-looking place. A great place to visit if you’re looking for quiet romantic moment.

Mainit Springs

The 25 meters high falls can be reached after 20mns trekking between big rocks and water. The place has 3 different pools with hot sulfur water at different temperatures (32°C to 43°C). The hot water can help in removing some body illness and skin diseases from our body. But of course, you can also simply enjoy the cool water directly from the mountain stream by dipping in the river.

Indoor Activities

Massage with view

Try our massage with view of Tanon Strait made by our experts’ therapists. You will have a full relaxation for 1 hour. Sunset time is the best to do it.

Kawa Hot Bath

Immerse yourself in scented water of 40° to benefit your skin, ease tensions and pains in your body. Prepared with Virgin Coconut Oil and essential oils (Jasmine, Lemongrass, Vanilla, Orange or Lavender), enjoy this pure well-being moment. You need to be in good health to practise this SPA activity .

French Clay Beauty Treatment

You can take advantage of our Argiletz Clay beauty products imported from France to offer a wide array of beneficial effects to your skin. You can choose between foot Treatment, hand treatment, face treatment or Body Wrap treatment.

Manicure or Pedicure

Made by our local manicuristas.

Snorkelling and diving

Snorkelling and diving

The Philippine underwater life is full of treasures. You can enjoy it from the surface by snorkeling in protected local marine sanctuaries or, for the more audacious, by scuba diving. We propose discovery, courses (open water, advanced and more) and fun dives . Our certified instructors are well-known in the diving community, they will make you discover the amazing flora and fauna along this activity. For the snorkeling, we can propose you different sites where you can observe preserved corals and fishes, discover giant clams, and also meet some turtles or Blacktip reef sharks. For the diving, you can have the chance to meet also Blacktip reef sharks, turtles, barracudas, jack fishes, whale sharks, mackerels..


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