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Welcome to Fantasy Lodge

Come to meet us in our villa overlooking the sea, to recover in natural surroundings amid of forests and waterfalls. The guest house guarantees a total immersion in Philippines, and contact with the welcoming local population. This haven of peace between beach and mountain will offer you an unforgettable stay.


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The South of Cebu Island is full of rivers and waterfalls. We propose to guide you through the most beautiful and easy to access falls. You will discover Aguinid falls, very close to the resort and accessible from the road, Hidden Falls in the way to Samboan or Inambakan falls located in Barangay Ginatilan. For those who want adventure, we organize trekkings in the mountains to reach Daho amazing waterfall and also Kawasan falls.

Kawasan Waterfalls

Kawasan Falls is ideal for a moment of relaxation and tranquility. After 25 minutes walk from the car park, you will come to the first 3 levels of the falls that have 7, and discover different waterfalls, the largest is of over 20 meters in height. Then you can swim in natural pools of turquoise waters and also enjoy the magnificent dense rainforest that surrounds the falls. After enjoying the nature, picnic will be served in a cottage at the second level of the falls.

River Trekking

The River Trekking Matutinao is done on the river. You will trek down the river with a local guide from the seventh to the first level. After 10 minutes walking you will begin the descent by a jump of 4m. Without much difficulty, for two hours you will descend the canyon very cashed and turquoise waters where the rain forest, omnipresent, you will overlook all along the route. You make several jumps, passages in cavities to reach the second level where the picnic is waiting.

Montaneza Hotspring

The natural hot springs is located in barangay Montaneza in northern Samboan. We will lead you in these hot water baths,15 minutes from the hotel. Ideal for family, the place has three different pools with different temperatures. The more cautious will enjoy a bath at 43 °C and down to that at 32 °C. Of course, you can simply enjoy the cool water directly from the mountain streams by swimming in the river.

Talysay Spa Massage

After a full day of activities, you can return to the hotel and enjoy a range of pampering treatments. At your service, immerse yourself to our KAWA hot bath: you can relax in a water 40degrees scented with essential oils and VCO, pamper yourself in our TALISAY SPA with a therapeutic massage done by our professional therapists while enjoying the panoramic view of negros island, manicure and pedicure is not a bad idea too.


Whale Shark Watching

In this activity, FantasyLodge offers swimming with Whale Sharks. These marine giants are among the largest fish in the world. The size of the specimens with which you can swim in Oslob can reach 8m long. After a briefing about some rules for not harming their movements, behavior and health, then you will swim with them for a period of 30min. Local fishermen feed the sharks, which gives you the opportunity to watch or swim with them very closely and to make great memorable photo with them.

Dolphin Watching

Watching the dolphins in Malabuyoc allows you to meet 11 different species of cetaceans in the Tanon Strait on 24 present in the Philippines. Embark on a Banka (Filipino traditional boat) looking mammals. You will generally come across a dozen groups made up to forty people. Then we'll take you on a white sand bar at sea, which lies near the town of Bais city on the island of Negros. Then you can swim in clear water where you can find different species of starfish.

Diving / Snorkeling

The Philippine submarine life is full of treasures. You can enjoy it from the surface by snorkeling in protected local marine sanctuaries or, for the more audacious, by scuba diving. We propose discovery, courses (open water, advanced and more) and fun dives for both children and adults. Our certified instructors are well-known in the diving community, they will make you discover these amazing flora and fauna along this activity.‏

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is a deserted part. Team BlueWater perform your transfer in this heavenly place. On site many activities is available for you. Here you will be able to do a small trekking around the island in the rainforest, swim on a white sand beach, making snorkel in one of the most beautiful marine reserve in southern Cebu, enjoy kayaking on the lagoon of the island surrounded with mangrove landscape or simply swim in the pool and jacuzzi of proposed BlueWater. Lunch will be served on site.