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Fantasy Lodge is a special place for those looking for a different experience. ‘’Scientists say that time spent in nature can make us happier and kinder, which sounds exactly how I want my kids to be during a family vacation. If you’re hoping for some time to reconnect with loved ones and Mother Nature, book a flight or take a drive to this naturally beautiful destination and forget even at one time the hustle and bustle of city life ‘’ Besides the attraction of the mountains and thick jungle views, it has such old fashioned and charming features with traditional looking residence and an admirable tropical garden. In the past many foreign and local travelers have visited this place and now it is completely open for the Nature lovers…

This is more a “garden hotel” with a comfortable and stylish interior. To maintain the romance, peace and privacy there are only 4 rooms right now and the newly additional Geodesic DOME . Here, guests can retire to the peace and seclusion of their own world with a cool and refreshing swimming pool and the view from the terrace is over looking the sea, with fresh breeze from the mountains and panoramic view of Negros island…. This lovely property surrounded by orchards, plantations and well-tended gardens, allow you to spend evenings strolling, listening to birdsongs or lazing on dim light verandas. This is even more useful as a holiday home for Inland residents needing a change and for tourists Who do not disrupt the village life or the environment.

The friendly and courteous staff from the Manager right down to the room boy has been the key success factor of this beautiful holiday lodge. This is certainly the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing holiday in a homely ambience for both foreign tourists and the locals. The wide variety of Tropical Plants and Flowers that the beautiful garden offers creates the perfect atmosphere for Meditation and Yoga. The spacious open restaurant creates the best environment for you to mix with other travellers and step into a friendly discussion while sipping a glass of Wine or hot Coffee.

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